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IAIM offers the only nationally accredited Infant Massage Instructor training course in Australia.

Training with IAIM gives you the chance to change a child’s life,
for the rest of their life

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To the untrained eye, using touch, massage, voice and eye contact may seem “unimportant”, compared with many of the other challenges that can be faced by new parents. However, the world's leading child development and infant mental health experts know that soothing & gentle touch, voice, movement and other parent-baby interactions provide the foundations for a baby’s early brain development and life-long mental health.

There are many significant differences in the brain, social and cognitive development of children who need specialist (and expensive) support after missing out on these early interactions, compared with the children who grow up immersed in them (Avan, et al., 2010; Luby, et al., 2012; Schore, 2001).

Supporting parents to understand their baby’s cues and to respond with sensitivity, warmth and closeness can even counter and reverse many the effects of some of the biggest challenges and risks for children such as pre and postnatal depression (Sharp, et al., 2012), impacts of poverty on development (Farrah, et al. 2008; Kiernan, et al., 2009; Miller, et al., 2011), exposure to maternal drug use and risk for later drug addiction (Hurt, et al., 2012; Schwarz, et al., 2011), pre-term birth (Nordhov, et al., 2011), recovery after child abuse, extreme trauma, or exposure to other forms of violence (Zenah, et al., 2011).

While infant massage, touch, and early gentle interactions may be “natural”, these interactions do not always come easily for reasons that are often beyond a parent's control. IAIM Australia offers a unique, world-class training program which provides graduates with the in-depth skills needed to support parents from all walks of life to develop confidence and skills in responding sensitively to their babies using the types of interactions that help promote early neurological regulation, brain development and infant mental health.

Graduates of our training program are called Certified Infant Massage Instructors (CIMIs). Ours are the only CIMIs in the world who are trained and licensed to deliver the First Touch Program to parents and families: encompassing massage, touch, voice, eye contact and other interactions which are essential for babies.

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Teaching parents the art of infant massage involves a responsibility that must be taken very seriously...[It] is a gratifying and meaningful experience, which requires a mature, responsible and compassionate attitude...In selecting applicants for certification we look for individuals with emotional maturity, who demonstrate a keen sensitivity toward others.
~ Vimala McClure, Founder of the International Association of Infant Massage

Many different people train with IAIM Australia to become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor. Our training is open to health, community, welfare and early childhood professionals, as well as to suitable people who have had their own life-experience of being a parent or grandparent.

The First Touch Program is a universal mental health promotion program. We train people who teach infant massage to families who are healthy and thriving and who just want to delight in the joy that comes from forming a close and strong attachment bond with their baby.

We also train hundreds of specialist workers who are using the program with mothers, fathers and babies who are facing challenges such as postnatal depression, pre-term birth, extreme poverty and homelessness, recovery after child abuse, infant disability, a diagnosis of cancer or other serious medical condition, recovery from drug addiction, imprisonment, and many others.

By training to become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with IAIM you can help ensure more babies get the foundations they need for life-long mental health and well-being. Because no baby or parent should miss out on the life-long benefits that come from having early relationships that are loving, health and secure.

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Training in the field of infant massage and touch education/ promotion is a major investment – of your money, your time and your passion. For this reason, it is important to be sure that the training qualification you choose is properly established – both in terms of its quality and recognition.

Therefore, when selecting an infant massage training course, it is important to remember that “infant massage” in Australia is not a regulated industry. While there are several very high quality providers of training and accreditation for people who want to become Certified Infant Massage Instructors (and we like to think we are one of them), the quality of training between different infant massage organizations is actually very inconsistent. In reality, virtually anyone off-the-street can set up a training program, and there are no laws or mandatory requirements for them to meet basic standards in either course content or educational practices.
This means that if you want to become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, you need to carefully evaluate the reputation and quality of the training program you are considering.

The IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor Training Program is endorsed for CPD by:

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In addition to the above endorsements, IAIM offers Australia's only Nationally Accredited Training for Infant Massage Instructors.
This means our training has undergone extensive reviews by industry experts, giving the community and employers assurance that your training has met government training standards. Graduates have the option of being issued with a nationally recognised qualification that is more widely acknowledged by potential employers, and is usually more easily used toward other training courses.

Australia's most highly regarded infant massage & touch education organisation:

As an IAIM Instructor, you will be part of the "big-picture" in promoting the health and well-being of babies and families. Our industry partnerships with other organisations means that the work of our Instructors is not only well-recognised, but that we have many opportunities to actively participate in major initiatives, and share information and practices with hundreds of other government, medical, health, community and health promotion partner organisations. Our current partners include the World Health Organisation Maternal, Newborn and Child Health program, the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth, and we count several major hospitals, family services and other community organisations amongst the organisations that support IAIM. Our qualification is regularly reviewed and scrutinised by external organisations and medical experts, ensuring that our training is up-to-date with the latest research and standards.

Training with IAIM also qualifies you to deliver the only community infant massage/ touch education program in Australia that has been the subject of medical research and randomised clinical trials. This is a vital consideration for Instructors for whom evidence-based practice is important.

Our graduates are independently recognised as being the highest quality infant massage instructors in the world, with medical researchers finding IAIM-qualified instructors have the highest quality skills in infant massage and touch education, and they achieve the best outcomes for families ( .

The IAIM training program gives you the only infant massage instructor qualification that is mutually recognised by real, physical organisations, located in 52 other countries. Our qualification is the only Australian-based qualification that is recognised by some overseas governments and health services (including Sure Start in the UK).both in terms of its quality and recognition.